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Welcome to Rubber Roof Co

We are the rubber roofing supplier who offers a wide range of roofing items to ensure that your buildings ­­are secure and waterproof. We supply the rubber roofs and roofing products which are aimed to help you make your roofs waterproof and to protect them from different environmental changes.

Our customers can choose from the rubber roofing supplied which are made from recycled rubber and are used to provide insulation to your roof tops. The roofing rubber is used to prevent leakage on the roofs and to make your building secure from harsh weather conditions. We also make sure that you get the best quality rubber roofing kits.

You can choose from items like rubber roofs which are used to provide protection to your roofs by adding a rubber layer while the roofing adhesive is used to join the roofs and other rubber items to the roof. You can also choose the edge trims to add protection to the roof edges and balconies where the edges are expected to break from weather. Seam tapes are also part of rubber roofing kits which can be used to provide join two or more different rubber sheets together and to make them waterproof and to prevent them from leaking.

You can choose your desired roofing rubber kits from our categories section where we ensure that the best quality rubber roofing material is used. You can get the rubber roofing supplies delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom at attractive rates.